Canucks Autism Network

Client: Canucks Autism Network
Studio: Linetest
Role: Animator, Rigger
Others Involved: Hao Chen, Natalie Parolin,
Eric Nakayama, Daniel Gutierrez, Suguru Tachikawa, Jack Bonnington, Thiago Masci, Daniel Gutierrez, Reid Hendry

It was a pleasure to help create this piece for CAN's annual gala and share the story of one of the many families that CAN has helped. I got emotional watching the completed work once it had all been put together.

My main role was rigging almost all of the characters. I tried to make them as flexible as possible for all of the animators who would work with them, such as including lighting controls, hair controls, and the ability to switch between the three different colour schemes that the characters go through over the course of the piece. I also animated most of what can be seen from 0:13-0:25 and 1:47-1:57.

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