´╗┐Cover Loop

Client: Personal
Studio: Self-Directed
Role: Animator

I wanted this cover loop to serve multiple functions:

  • Engage people visiting my site immediately
  • Communicate that I get things moving
  • Convey excitement and momentum
  • Show versatility
  • Show several styles that may not be shown in my reel
  • Have strict enough parameters that I could iterate efficiently without getting lost
  • Keep the focus central so that it works on every screen size
  • Be modular, so that new clips can be added and old ones can be modified at any time, without reworking the whole thing

The idea of a bouncing ball came to me as I thought of early exercises when learning how to animate. Having 20 frames to play with a style and then switch on impact checked all of my boxes. I quickly started making a list of ideas, which has continued to expand. I like that I can easily add new bounces and people visiting my site might see something new every time they come back.