Client: Jostle
Studio: Linetest
Role: Animator, Rigger
Others Involved: Hao Chen, Natalie Parolin,
Jamie Yano, Daniel Gutierrez, Jack Bonnington, Thiago Masci, Humberto Corte

This project was one my favourites from my time at Linetest. The playful style and simple characters were really fun to bring to life. I got to animate life inside the JostlePlex (start until 0:26 and 0:46 until end), with all of the shape-based characters working together in a fun way.

I rigged most of the characters in the piece and learned some techniques that I've carried on to almost every subsequent project with 2D characters. Things like Rubber Hose limbs and writing expressions to create simple head turn rigs are so useful. 

Demo of some head turn rigs